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My recent charity makes

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My goodness those charity makes are lovely....I love the ruffle scarves especially At the Church a group of us will be meeting up for the first time with a craft group making things of our own choice (doing our own thing) as some items will be used to sell for Church funds or charities. So,.....anything that is good and easy to make.... all ideas you can offer as ideas for us to work on would be hepful...shall look through all my own stsache of stuff and see what can be used...probably have fimo clay, card stock and all card making stuff...felt....bits of fabrics,toy stuffing etc. and some of them have knitting wool I know....we shall be starting in 2 weeks time, so will be interesting to see what others do.......(good way for me to get rid of stuff I doubt I will use)...can't get into bead work, never seems to work for me, but give me a brush and paint and paper and flooded with ideas....

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all super ideas for quick ways to raise funds,i am sure the club will

be a lovely way to meet like minded people mary, keep us informed of how it goes


goose I adore the little hats they are sweet

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