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Newbie Alert! Please help!

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Hi all,

I have just joined the forum as I feel I need a little extra help and would like to chat to like minded people who enjoy the same things as I do.

I hope not to be a pest but I am knitting my first thing other than a scarf and I am really struggling. It is a matinee coat for a friend's baby. So I am doing my first sleeve it says:

Beg with k row, cont. in st st inc 1 st at each end of 5th(7th, 7th) row and every foll 10th(10th, 12th) row until there are 39(43,47) sts.
I am following the middle size so hoping to end up with 43 sts.

So I have inc the 7th row (youtube helped A LOT!) and I am wondering does the pattern mean I increase again on row 10 or does it mean row 17?

Thank you ever so much in advance,
Meg 001_smile.gif


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