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Hi there! I am very new to this forum (so new I'm not sure I'm even in the right place!) but having looked through some of the forum topics, is there another place to talk and read about papercrafting? The majority on here seem to be about card making which is very nice but if you're not into card making then maybe it should have its' own 'room'?

I do make cards occasionally but i thought papercrafting would be a more diverse forum - sorry for moaning as soon as I've joined but it really is time consuming trawling through loads of card making topics before finding one on a different subject!

So, on that bombshell.....sorry again for moaning!!!


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Hi and welcome to the forum.


There are many other forms of papercrafts in here than just cards - have you tried using the search function at the bottom of the page? If you want to see boxes for example, type in the word box and it will find all the posts in this board which contain the word without having to scroll through all the pages..


And do share some of your own makes here too - if you feel it is a little "card-heavy" then that's the way to change it :lol:

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Hi louspaper and welcome to the forum

I look forward to seeing some of your papercrafting projects.

I make quite a number of cards,

but sometimes I post under other techniques if it is more mixed media in style.

Looking forward to seing what you make.

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Thanks for the welcome Kate!

I'm forever trawling the web for inspiration and sometimes end up spending more time looking than making!!!

Not sure yet how to upload my photos but i'm sure i'll learn!

; )

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I know the feeling.

I am sure you will be full of inspiration soon.

What sort of papercrafting do you like

gift boxes, sculptural makes, mixed media or other things?

Useful, decorative, paints, decoupage?

To download pictures you start on Attachments - browse

near foot of your post.

Restrictions are for 10 images per post

total size of 2048KB for all 10 together.

I usually go into my photo management package

and reduce the image to about 9 x 7 inches.

It must be a jpeg image (small letters not capitals).

Good luck loading.

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