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confused by symbol on sewing machine

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i have just got myself a second hand sewing machine and am a bit confused by some of the symbols.


i have only had one sewing machine previous to this one and that was a singer hand wheel one that only did straight stitching.


this machine i have got is a crown point and the only manual i have been able to find online for it is for a different model but from this i have managed to find out how to do the straight stitching and the zig zags. the symbol on the left of the picture is the only one i don't understand what it does. when i flick the switch to it all it seem to do is to lower the foot bit that grips the fabric to move it so that it no longer moves the fabric and the needle then just goes up and down in the same spot on straight stitch and side to side on the same spot for zig zag


anyone got any clues as to what this symbol means and what it is for?

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When the teeth are lowered this is for freeform sewing basically you move your material to where you want to sew.. If you google freeform embroidery it might give you a better idea. Sorry can't be of any more help


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