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You've seen my Dream and Dare boxes, so now.....

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Woohoo!!!!! Kate I've been looking forward to seeing what you did with the smallest box and what can I say? Wow! It's beautiful, you should be very proud of yourself, absolutely stunning work, I love it!!!!!


Helen x x x

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Thanks a million for all your enthusiasm Susie, Louise, Becki, Marilyn and Helen.


Helen, I know you were wondering what would happen to the baby box

but this idea came from very early on.


Becki - if you want to try this,

don't just dream about metal embossing

dare to do it

and maybe dazzle yourself in the process!

Doesn't take too long to do.What takes the time is the design and planning part.


But I will be doing more metal embossing.

It is very satisfying for me.

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