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fool proof dinner party


Providing a formal dinner for a large number of guests can be intimidating. But I can prepare hassle free dinners for up to 16. A good hostess shows consideration for her guests.


Consider a few points


Are they bringing children with them?

Are there any diet restrictions?

What facilities have you for cooking? (I'm down one ring and the grill is in the oven.)


Prepare a multi choice menu of foods that your own family like (there is going to be a lot of left overs) Use your craft skills to decorate it.


If children are involved think of them first. If they are young ask your guests to come early, throw down a sheet and give the kids a picnic.

After when you are dining older children can be asked to supervise the younger ones.

Teenagers will probably be happier with pizza and ice cream along with the latest dvd, left to their own devices in the living room. In between ages like to be involved, equip the girls with note pads to take the menu orders and help to serve, boys make good wine waiters. There is nothing like child labour. ;-)


Here's a suggested menu, keep it to three or four choices per course. I've suggested more.



Fruit juice (easy to pour from the carton)

Soup (use a cup a soup)

prawn cocktail (defrost as required under hot water)




Main course

steak (cook under grill)

chops (in with the steak)

chicken kiev (straight from freezer to oven)

veggie dish (prepare day before and microwave)

beef stroganoff (prepare to point of adding cream, see below)

Served with seasonal veg (cooked and warmed in microwave)



fruit pie and custard (pop in oven after main course, use instant custard)

fresh fruit salad (prepare ahead)

gateaux (pull out of freezer)

cheese cake (ditto)

cheese board


coffee and mints



make sure there is plenty of space in the fridge. Prepare as much as possible on the previous day or the morning of your party. Leaving you the afternoon to spend in the bath pampering yourself. Buy all meats fresh so that any left overs can be frozen. To cook beef stroganoff gently fry a large amount of onions, mushrooms and garlic Use a space in the pan to seal strips of steak in batches. Add red wine, french mustard and coriander and reduce. Return the steak and stop cooking. When ready to serve warm through and add double cream. Any amount not required can be frozen before adding the cream, makes a great base for stir fry too. Just make sure that you have enough to serve every guest the same dish if they want it.



Your guests get to choose what they eat, and will be wowed by your conjuring in the kitchen.

You have a freezer full of food ready to see you through the next few weeks and the credit card bills in January.


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