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Frances Holden

another year older

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Im old enough for one more not to matter, but I hope you have a wonderfull day. Do whatever you want to do and nuts to everyone else :cheese:


For my 21st I had a huge party and invited all my mates and work collegues and family (Ive a large one) and everyone joined in. We had vicorian ladies (me and Mum in crinolines) funny golfers, arabs, naughty school children, a ghost buster and a freedom fighter (my sister - she nicked her OHs camaflage kit and wore a push up bra. Shes a big girl (!) and the DJ spent the evening looking down her top! :lol: ) and that was just the family. So if you want to be a fairy - go for it

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A very Happy Birthday to you! I'm with everyone else on this., if you want to dress up as a fairy, dress up as a fairy. It's your birthday so do what you want to do and to pot with everyone else. Anyway, your 21st is a big deal, so go wild.


I hope there's loads more pressies and cards on the way to you. I'm sure there are.



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