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The Good Morning Thread

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Where does the time go!!! Took a card to a friend 4 their birthday - they weren't in so i popped in on another friend as she lives near - had a coffee - went to ASDA - CB mag found its way into my trolley :-) but had to come out again at the till :down: cos I bought some stuff for Christmas. Got home - unpacked and about to have lunch - then J'll be home and that'll be that!!!

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Hi Everyone,

Had a busy start today,then l went to palma and did a little shopping for christmas pressy´s and had paperwork to take care of,so it was a combined trip,but very nice and got quite a few things.Have to go out and get school materials this afternoon,then hopefully try to catch up on here :)

Wish those that are still unwell....a speedy recovery and l´m sending hugs to you all x

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Hi to all I haven't said Hi to!!


Saramar - what's your weather like? Better than ours I imagine!


Crafty_Passions1995 - Gonna take my son to see that over half term


((((((Allie10)))))) - miserable isn't it?


Aims - hope you get it sorted


Dee - glad you found your pills - seems like you'll need them!!!

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Good day to all & sundry


Forgive me but I only got up at 2 and feel better now I have showered & washed hair. Have humumgous amount of washing to do so sent OH out to buy food.

Last night the cat never left my side- she must have missed us so much altho our neighbours looked after her for us.

Weather here is very dark & wet- compared to carribean when temps were high 80s. We also had to skirt round Hurricane Omar so never got to Puerto Rico but we were fine on the ship.

Still need to catch up on all your news & crafty posts- conked out last night at computer.

GH xo


This is me 2nd from the left. :lol: %-P


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