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    Drawing/painting, card-making, making jewellery, cross-sitich, books, films etc
  1. Hi Pinkpuppy & Karen, It's such a shame if no-one can use them. I was going to go with my Mum (she loves everything crafty too) but she's not very well at the moment. I just hope someone wants them! Thanks, Erin x
  2. Hi there, I won free entry for 2 adults to the Birmingham Hobbycrafts event at the NEC for this weekend, but we're now not able to go. It was a competition in Let's Make Cards and we were going to go on the Sunday, but can't make it. I would hate to see these "wasted" and so if you'd like me to send them to you, please send me a message. I think they would have to go in the post, or I could possibly scan it in to you. Thanks very much, Erin
  3. coocoocadgoo

    I need a computer savve volounteer please

    My pleasure - do you want to PM the details and what you want then I can have a litlle play here?
  4. coocoocadgoo

    I need a computer savve volounteer please

    Hello there, I can help if you'd like - I'm at work and there's a big printer sitting in the office, just waiting to be used!
  5. coocoocadgoo

    Covered Tissue Box

    Thank you all for your kind comments- makes a gloomy Monday morning in the office a bit brighter! :-)
  6. coocoocadgoo

    CB Blog List

    Hello there, Another Erin here who would love to be added to the list! I've only just started mine and have done a mega-picture first post to it! Thanks in advance Erin x
  7. coocoocadgoo

    LMC 25 Gallery

    Wow - everyone's cards and creations are so lovely. I eventually got my hands on an issue (thanks, Mum!) and made a couple of cards - my mum made some smashers too, but I won't post them in case she doesn't want me to! Anyway, here are mine so far (copied a couple from the mag, cos I liked 'em)! The first one's a shaker card (I thought I'd say that because it's hard to tell from a picture)!! Thanks for looking, Erin
  8. coocoocadgoo

    Covered Tissue Box

    Hi, Still a Newbie here! Thought I'd share something I made last week with you, cos you're all so nice ;o) I bought a blank box from Hobbycraft, painted it with acrylics, and covered sections with handmade paper. I then stuck some shells which I collected from a cold Spanish beach in January (I knew they'd be useful sooner or later) on the top and made some little bits and pieces to stick on the sides. The clouds are flocked too, so they're a bit fluffy ) I really enjoyed making this and can't wait to do some more (when I next pop to the shops!) Thanks for looking! Erin
  9. coocoocadgoo

    Blank Paper Mache Tissue Boxes

    Thanks very much to you both for the links - I'll have a gander! )
  10. coocoocadgoo

    Blank Paper Mache Tissue Boxes

    Hi, I recently bought and decorated a blank tissue box (square with lid) from Hobbycraft and I really enjoyed doing it up. It only cost about £2.50 but I was wondering if anyone here knows of somewhere online you can purchase them at a better price (even if it means bulk-pricing etc). I've just had a look and Hobbycraft don't actually sell the paper mache tissue boxes online either! Thanks in advance, Erin
  11. coocoocadgoo

    Let's Make Cards

    Thanks Maggie - very kind of you! )
  12. coocoocadgoo

    Let's Make Cards

    Hi There, I'm a little bit upset because I haven't received my LMC issue this month yet - I normally get them at least 2-3 days before they're out in the shops , but it still hasn't arrived today. I've emailed customer support, but I've not received a reply to that either (and I can't telephone because I'm at work!) I would be very grateful if somone could look in to this for me. I was with my mum when she bought hers yesterday and I was very jealous! Thanks in advance, Erin
  13. coocoocadgoo

    Yipee Artymiss goodies have arrived

    That is very restrained! I'm really excited about receiving it. Had my eye on it for ages! I think if it was sat in my room I would have definitely had it open by now - well done for not fiddling! )
  14. Thank you Aims! I thought I'd get mine delivered to my office - get an extra 8 hours looking at it then! hee hee
  15. Hi there, My magazine arrived today - I'll be reading it at lunchtime! Thanks, Erin