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  1. vampire285

    Shrink plastic

    Thanks for your help! Where can i get a miniature hole punch? Whsmiths? Rymans? -Lyndsay
  2. vampire285

    Shrink plastic

    Ok, maybe I should re-print it at a large scale?
  3. vampire285

    Shrink plastic

    Thanks for everyone's help. How do u cut the middle of the letters out on the Guitar Hero letters? What do i use to hole punch? I've printed th templates at 125% and standard paper hole punch (for folders) is bigger than the design itself?
  4. vampire285

    Shrink plastic

    I've never used shrink plastic and I wanna try a project I've seen on MJ website. How do you cut shrink plastic? How do you ''hole punch'' shrink plastic? and where do u buy a hole punch? - Lyndsay x x
  5. vampire285

    'sweet as...' cuffs

    Love them all! How did u make them? It looks well complicated Lynn xx
  6. vampire285


    I use a Silver Jewellery Cleaning Cloth [that i got from Past Times for £1.75] to clean my jewellery. It brings back the shine. The cloth is supposed to last a few years. The girl that sold me it said that it cleans all silver plated, sterling silver and 9ct gold jewellery. I dont no if that helps. Lynn xx
  7. vampire285

    Someone's Christmas Present methinks...

    I really like this one
  8. vampire285

    summer necklace & fimo earrings

    Really liking th necklace!! Did you do the loose spirals on a jig or with round-nosed pliers?
  9. vampire285

    Back issues??

    How much will it cost for them? How much is the p+p?
  10. vampire285

    Weekend makes....

    There all gorgeous! Where did u get the red dimond shaped beads from?
  11. vampire285

    Lilac loopiness ;-)

    Wow :-) I would love to know how to make this
  12. Loving the chokers, but loving the chainmaille bracelet even more. where did u get the purple rings from? :-)
  13. vampire285

    Amethyst Designs

    Thanks everyone! Jo- these ones are for me, I just can't part with them. But I gonna work on some others.
  14. vampire285

    Back issues??

    2 and 3?
  15. vampire285

    Back issues??

    I missed a few issues of MJ and was wondering is there anywhere i can get some of the back issues?