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  1. pinkbubble

    Hello to old and new members

    The post by smaniottonet above is spam, do not click on any links contained in the post. It has been reported and the mods will sort it out when they can.
  2. pinkbubble

    A Manly quilt

    Thank you both.
  3. pinkbubble

    A Manly quilt

    I bet it will look wonderful when it is finished. Slow but so worth it.
  4. pinkbubble

    A Manly quilt

    I set out last year to learn proper quilting techniques and went to a few lessons to get me started on the right track. Whilst working on my class quilt I also started another quilt for my husband. This one took me so long to make as I worked from vague directions I found on the internet and then decided to change the layout and found I had sewn half of the strips to the wrong colours! I had lots of unpicking to do that week! Anyway I wanted to step out of my comfort zone with colours and wanted to make a manly quilt. I stayed with black based fabrics and then alternated with lighter coffee based colours in a chevron pattern. I added to green and gold leafy border to make it pop. Here is the quilt top photos. I will add more of the finished quilt when I take them
  5. pinkbubble

    Eager newbie!...

    I know this thread is a few weeks old, but I just wanted to say jump in and just have a go. I made a number of let's call them "practice projects" in my early days of sewing. Some projects were never even finished due to terrible instructions or I really just didn't like the fit or style as it progressed. The fabrics have long since been repurposed for other projects so not all was lost. I gained lots of experience just by having a go. I repurposed fabric from old sheets, curtains and clothes that were otherwise going to be thrown away so I could practice. My favourite cutting tools for quilt making are my rotary cutter and rulers. I invested in some quilting lessons to start me down the right track and I learnt to many quicker methods of cutting and sewing that I can get so much more done now. Good luck and stick with it. It is sew worth it!
  6. pinkbubble


    I love your cushions especially the idea of reusing shirts for the backs. Great idea
  7. pinkbubble

    Hello to old and new members

    I just want to say hi to you all. I hope you are all keeping well and I am looking forward to having a browse around and chatting where I can. I have just spent the last hour deleting several hundred messages from my inbox here. I didn't even realise it held that much. So in case anyone tried to send me a message through the forum, I am sorry it is now empty. About me? well I have not been around here for ages. Mostly due to health issues and so many other things going on since my daughter was born a few years ago. Too many long stories so i will spare you all the details, but I can't believe she is about to start kindy! I might actually get some free time to do some crafting and blogging. I started proper quilting last year as a treat for myself and also so I could give heirloom quality quilts to my family to cherish. I will post some photos shortly in sewing. I haven't made too many cards as I went through a stage of making so many and not enough people to give them too. I have also been learning to preserve foods to eat later. For Christmas the last 2 years we have given homemade preserves of jam, bread and butter pickles and brandy cherries. Everyone looks forward to them and the jars seem to make their way back to me for refilling! I am off to browse now and hope you are not all snowed in. We are having very hot weather here in Australia and have had several bushfires near us recently. Hugs Karryn Xx
  8. Things are so busy around here that I don't get much time to craft so I am having to find quicker ways to create things I love all the fancy decorated cricut machines out there but just can't justify the money just to own one and don't want to have something permanent in case I change my mind. So here is my cricut machine all decorated with a removable laptop skin! It even has bling on it! It only took 5 mins to do! DD loved it so much she did the same to her Baby bug
  9. pinkbubble

    My baby's Christmas Dress!

    Thanks so much ladies. I have had to alter the dress and put some tucks in the front to make it shorter. It was really way too long for my little girl, now it looks perfect!
  10. pinkbubble

    Christmas felties

    Aww they are so cute! xx
  11. pinkbubble

    Felt Hearts

    Welcome to the forum they are lovely xx
  12. pinkbubble

    help a newbie?

    I would go for something with a few extra stiches but it really is not worth getting one with lots of fancy ones because you will probably never use them very much if at all. Heavier older machines are great as they are built to last years and do not tend to jump around the table once you get sewing and put your foot down. New machines are great as they are so quick to change feet and thread and don't need oiling as often. New cheaply made machines will not live forever and I have found they are less forgiving with thicker fabrics Best thing is try a few machines out to get a feel for what you need. Borrow a machine if you can to help you learn. Hope this helps
  13. pinkbubble

    The Good Morning Thread

    Morning all Hope you are all well Really bad summer storms here today, Probably should not be on the computer but my little one decided she wanted a second nap so am having a little browse here while I can Still need to get our Christmas tree up, hopefully this weekend when we are all free to enjoy it. Enjoy your day everyone. Will catch up later Karryn xx
  14. pinkbubble

    Traditional Christmas

    Is so gorgeous Natalie love it! xx
  15. pinkbubble

    My baby's Christmas Dress!

    I finally managed to get some sewing done and have made this cute little dress for my youngest little girl who is now one! I had 'sew' much fun making it and best of all there were only 4 pattern pieces and it was very quick to make. Anyway I hope you like it. It is Simplicity 5695 and view c for those wanting to know xx