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    X-stitch, making 1:12th scale stables and tack, painting 3D objects, sewing, scrapbooking, my pets
  1. PyscoFalcon

    Any Costume makers?

    I have no idea - hopefully something simple as I have to hand sew everything. Either going as an Assassin or a Dragon breeder
  2. PyscoFalcon

    Cross Stitch Tips

    Instead of using 2 threads and knotting I use 1 thread and double it up starting with the loop method - makes the work much neater
  3. PyscoFalcon

    Any Costume makers?

    I'll be making my first costume this year for the Maskerade at Discon in August
  4. PyscoFalcon

    Which paper

    When it comes to printing you can have the best paper in the world but if your printer isn't that great it'll come out flat and dull. If you want glossy then photo paper is best.
  5. PyscoFalcon

    Question for quillers

    That's the stuff I use in my tack making. Lethal stuff if you get it on your skin tho - oh and it dosen't come out of pj bottoms either
  6. PyscoFalcon

    Finally done

    Thank you. Framing and hanging will have to wait. In a rented house atm and we're not allowed to put anything up on the walls
  7. PyscoFalcon


    Thank you. My first go and all scrapbooks were 12x12 and some of my sewing is bigger so saw my A3 watercolour pad not been used much and thought aha use that lol.
  8. PyscoFalcon

    Finally done

    Only taken me since last June to do lol. My first 16 count peice. In all fairness I hardly did any in November and non in December as was too dark. Then in New Year sales hubby got me a floor standing bendy light with a dimmer so I could stitch in winter again
  9. PyscoFalcon

    Zigzagging Edges

    I just use steel pinking sheers
  10. PyscoFalcon

    what to do with cross stitch

    I've just made a scrapbook for all my smaller peices It's in the paper crafting section.
  11. PyscoFalcon

    Christmas Hearts

    There lovely and can be used all year round
  12. PyscoFalcon


    Well put it here as it's mostly made from paper bits hehe. Front cover Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 That's all my small x-stitching added for now
  13. PyscoFalcon

    Wallhanging for ME

    I'm loving those Gorge work.
  14. PyscoFalcon


    Well I've only done 1 and a bit so far and here's what I learnt. Much easier to cut your squares and make up each block (front,wadding and backing) THEN saw those together. Measure at least 3 times and make sure WELL pinned when you sew. I hand sew only and didn't double,triple measure and pin the backing well (did first peice the normal front the wadding and back) and well errm it's not a proper rectangle lol. The backing got gathered up in parts and too short in others hehe. I just used Metal ruler and quilters pencil with scissors Oh and ALWAYS lay out your design before comitting to sew Templates do help unless your mind is very scatting and using odd size squares and you go meh and wing it anyway rofl. Oh dear maybe I'm not cut out for quilting but they do the job hehe.
  15. PyscoFalcon

    Last Wallhaging Thank you

    What a great idea