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  1. SusanBarber

    Hi from Let’s Knit

    Awh Fiona thank you so much for that, I really do appreciate it. I will defo try them out and let you know how I get on. Thanks for taking the time out to reply
  2. SusanBarber

    Hi from Let’s Knit

    Hello, I am a newbie to this site and also to cooking, I was checking stuff out on the internet as I have just bought a new slow cooker and also I am on the slimming world diet. I don't know how to cook :red: well small bits, I was just wondering if anyone had any good recipes etc. I leave for work at 7.20am and don't return home till 6pm, can you leave the slow cooker on this length of time etc. What can you put in the slow cooker etc can you put rice, pasta, potatoes etc. PLEASE HELP Thank you