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Anniversary Card Making Verses


Holidays and high days
Or when I’m really rather blue
I can’t think of a time when
My day’s not better for seeing you

Sometimes I think you’re amazing
Sometimes I think you’re a div
But I’m so glad you have stuck with me
Because without you I could not live

I love your smile, I love your hair
I love the knowledge you’ll always be there

I love your eyes, I love heart
I’ve loved you always, right from the start

Since we met I’ve been on cloud nine
I pinch myself that you are mine
I’ve never been so happy
You’re such a special chappy
And you really were quite a find!

Congrats on your anniversary
A happier couple we never did meet
Standing together as one
Your pairing is really quite neat

My memories of our wedding
Are still so very clear
Even though our special day’s
Been over for many years

The reason for this is simple
And always will be true
Because, my dear husband
I love you through and through

Happy anniversary

Who would ever believe
It’s been ten years since we met
Who would ever believe
But I know I’ll never forget

That twinkle in your eyes
Something special in your smile
As soon as you said ‘hi’
I wanted to stay there for a while

Now ten years later here we are
Together, still going strong
I hope many more years to come
Without you my life would be wrong

Happy Anniversary

I’m so very glad that I met you
That I won you over in time
Can’t imagine my life without you
And my admiration continues to climb

Happy Anniversary

From the very first time I saw you
I knew that my life had changed
Destiny finally found me
My fate was already arranged

Through the wooing and dates
The excitement I felt was unreal
You brought so much joy to my life
Emotions I never dreamt I would feel

Now that we’re married with children
Nothing could ever be better
My feelings for you still grow stronger
Than even our first love letter

Happy Anniversary

Never before had I felt complete
You’re the apple of my eye
Be it minutes or hours I spend with you
Each one just seems to fly

So it may come as a surprise to you
As it definitely did to me
Though it feels like only a day has passed
It’s our special anniversary

When we met I never dreamt
We’d ever be more than friends
But here we are, twenty years on
Together, forever, until the end

Happy anniversary

Always in my thoughts
I wouldn’t be apart
To tell you how I feel
I wouldn’t know where to start

Happy Anniversary

Together you are stronger
Than you ever were alone
I guess that’s just what happens
With a soul mate of your own

Together you’ve seen some struggles
You’ve proved some people wrong
And after all your years together
Your love’s stayed just as strong

To our friends on your anniversary

When the rain is falling down
You stop me feeling blue
For there’s no need to frown
When I’m coming home to you

Happy anniversary

I’m so very glad that I met you
You’re the best thing in my life
You give me the strength to know
I’ll get by any trouble and strife

I’m so very glad that I met you
You bring sunshine into my day
When I look into your eyes I know
I’ll always love you in every way!

Happy Anniversary

Like a river flowing
Your voice is music to me
Like a flower in a meadow
There’s no limit to your beauty
Your generosity knows no bounds
Your heart is as deep as the sea
I’m so happy that you’re mine
On this our anniversary

I wouldn’t be happy with anyone else
You’re more special to me
Than all the world’s wealth

Happy anniversary

Through the good times and the bad
You’ve left me anything but sad
So I hope you feel as happy as me
On this, our special anniversary

From the first time I saw you
I knew you were the one
From the first time I spoke to you
I knew my life had begun

From the first time you asked me
I knew I’d be proud as your wife
From the first time you asked me
I knew I wanted to be yours for life

Happy anniversary

I was such a selfish person
Everything was all about me
But all that changed when I met you
And now I can finally see

We’re so much better together
I love being part of your team
I’d do anything to please you
And make your pretty smile beam

So I wanted to say that I love you
But I hope that you already know
How very happy you’ve made me
I hope our love continues to grow!

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary
To you, my friends
Your love is so true
It never ends

An inspiration to see
A love so real
A magic connection
Forever to feel

Happy Anniversary
To you, my friends
Your love so true
It never ends

An inspiration to see
A love so real
I hope myself          
One day to feel        


When you smile my whole world lights up
I tingle when you hold my hand
I still love you so
After all of these years
And I’m so glad that you are my man

Happy Anniversary