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Painted Places With Posca

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Use Posca pens to decorate cards and more

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Fancy Florals With POSCA Pens

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Use POSCA pens to bring your crockery to life! You will need:
uni Posca Pens, 1MR Pink, Red, Violet, Green; 3M Orange, Bright yellow, Light Pink, Apple green Metallic green, pink, red
White ceramics/china
Cardstock, various colours
Transfer paper

1 Wash china in warm soapy water and dry with a soft cloth. Transfer the illustrations onto the ceramic surface. For curved surfaces, rub a pencil over the lines on the transfer paper to fill any gaps.

2 Begin with a few short lines/stems in the direction you wish a flower to be, using a shade of green. You can finish these with flourishes and leaves once each bloom is complete. Apply the design a section at a time as you slowly work across the surface of the cup.

3 Start with the outline of each design before filling in a solid shape. Paint the flower centres red. Allow sections to dry before moving on. Go back to the first shape and add orange either side of the red. Add the top motif using violet.

4 Paint the rest of the stems/stalks around the large
flowers and make a few wispy lines of green over the smaller florals. With a metallic pink or light pink pen draw the tendrils coming from the bigger blooms.

5 Add leaves here and there plus berries which can be either pink or metallic red. Fill in any larger gaps you’re not happy with. If you intend to use the china after it’s painted, apply a coat of varnish to the design.

Paint with Posca
Always take care to make sure your surface is clean and free from dust cleaning solutions or finger grease.

You can trace down with a transtrace or draw down paper but these adlib spontaneous florals are varying sizes and are easy to reproduce free form.

Uni Posca is a very quick effective way of creating a painted look with the accuracy of a pen which simply glides onto ceramics allowing you to achieve fine detail.

Apply the colours in layers, leaving the paint time to dry before adding the next. Ceramic surfaces are nonporous so this may take time.

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Art Therapy Colouring Project

art therapy, card making, colouring, crafts, posca pens,

Use Posca Pens and the art therapy technique to create beautiful cards, a canvas and gift bag

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Blue & White China Patterns

card, crafts, drawing, painting, paper, pattern, posca pens,

Use our guides to paint traditional blue patterns onto china using Posca pens

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