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We love how kitsch this tea party set is - and it'll add a whimsical touch to your kitchen!

What you need...
  • Fabric, Tilda’s Winter Memories collection: Star Teal, 50cm x 60cm, Porcelaine Cup Lin Grey, 15cm x 60cm
    Papers, Tilda, Winter Memories
    Canvas, 40cm x 50cm
    Wadding, 40cm x 50cm
    Tins, cylindrical
    Ribbon, grosgrain, pink, 10mm wide, 2m
    Drawing pins
    Paper fasteners, brass
  1. Noticeboard - 1 Double hem the top, long side piece of teacup print fabric, 15cm x 60cm, with a 1cm seam and slip stitch into place. Fold the bottom edge under by 1cm and tack. Press and lay star fabric, 50cm x 60cm, over the canvas,leaving an equal overhang all the way around.

    2 Position the teacup strip along the bottom long edge of a canvas. Pin to it the star piece, marking four vertical lines up from the bottom edge. Remove from the canvas and stitch the strip into place on the backing fabric, sewing the vertical lines to create pockets.

    3 Lay wadding over the canvas and fix double-sided tape around the edges. Lay the star print on top, ensuring the pocket panel is parallel to the bottom edge of the canvas. Press the fabric onto the tape to hold it in place before flipping the canvas over.

    4 Fold in raw edges of the excess material and secure to the wooden frame with drawing pins, mitring the corners and ensuring it is taut. Turn the
    canvas over and find the top centre point. Lay lengths of pink ribbon from here to the top edges of the strip.

    5 Secure the tops of the ribbon with drawing pins and fix the other end with a brass paper fastener, pushed through all layers and opened up on the
    reverse of the canvas. Add two more lengths of pink ribbon in the opposite direction and trim the ends.

  2. Storage Tins - 1 Measure a tin from the bottom of the lid to its lower lip. Cut a rectangle of paper using this as the length and the circumference as the width, adding 1cm. Fix the paper around the tin with double-sided tape.

    2 Trim a circle of fabric, 1.5cm wider than the diameter of the lid. Stick double-sided tape around the sides of the lid and lay the material centrally on top, gently pressing the edges against the tape to form evenly spaced creases around the lid. Fix ribbon to the edge with double-sided tape.

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