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Stitch a snazzy lead so your pampered pooch can step out in style

What you need...
  • Five printed cotton fabrics, 20cm x 35cm each
    Heavyweight interfacing, 1m
    Strong sewing thread
    Topstitch needle
    40mm D ring
    30mm dog lead clip with a straight edge loop
    Knitting needle

    Seam allowance 1cm unless written otherwise
  1. 1 Iron interfacing to the reverse of all fabrics. From each one mark, then cut two strips, 10cm x 35cm. From these cut a selection of lengths, varying from 10cm to 35cm. Stitch alternate sections together, right sides facing, sewing the shortest edges to make one long length. Sew each seam twice for strength. Press open all seams.

    2 Fold in half lengthways, right sides facing, then gently press to hold the fold. Pin, then stitch down the entire length twice, leaving a 5cm gap on one end for turning through. Turn inside out using the blunt, top end of a knitting needle if necessary. Press again before topstitching down each side, using a 5mm seam allowance.

    3 Position a D ring buckle over one end, 5cm down. Fold a 1cm hem inwards on the raw edge, stitch a rectangle shape through these folds with a cross through the centre for reinforcement.

    4 Place a clip on the opposite end of the lead, 8cm down from the top. Fold a 2cm hem inwards on the raw edge, pin in place, then stitch from this hem up to the top, directly underneath the clip loop and back down again stitching a rectangle, again with a cross through for strength.

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