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Decorate plain tableware with Posca Pens and Sharon Bennett’s enchanting artwork

What you need...
  • uni Posca Pens, 1MR: Violet, Metallic Pink, Metallic Red, Metallic Blue, Light Blue
  • China, white
  • Card, assorted colours
  • Paper, carbon copy or tracing
  • Adhesives
  • Varnish, matt
  1. Mugs & Teacups - 1 Prepare the china mugs by washing them in warm, soapy water. Dry with a clean lint-free cloth.

    2 Whilst applying the pen work, hold the mug from inside so as not to get finger grease on the outside or smudge the patterns. Use masking tape to seal off an area at the top of the rim.

    3 The guide can be added using carbon copy paper, or simply draw over tracing paper on the back of a template. Always secure the tracing paper onto the item to stop it moving about.

    4 Using the pens, apply all the work in metallic red and the smaller detail in pink. Fill in the curl shapes in bright blue.

  2. Milk Jug - 1 Transfer the illustrations from our templates. Apply a strip of masking tape just above the base of the jug.

    2 Use the violet pen to draw on the motifs in this area, keeping the lines evenly spaced from one another.

    3 Once all the motifs are drawn, fill the spaces in between with the same colour. Finish off by adding in any details missed out the first time round.

    4 Trace down the wording or apply free-hand. As the paint goes onto the surface it will appear quite wet, so take care not to smudge it. At this stage you can wipe off any marks with a tissue. To make the decorated items more durable, seal with a suitable varnish.

  3. Teabag Sachets - 1 Copy the envelope template onto thin card. Cut out, score and fold.

    2 Leave a space on the front face of the sachet for your message. Trace or draw lightly with a pencil the flower scroll and leaves, then colour in using a 1MR pen.

    3 Use another colour for the stems and flower centres. Add a line of detail inside the flowers and leaves. Apply small dots of each colour along the flower line. Add a message using a metallic pen if working in a dark background.

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