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Owl Bookends

Designer: Corinne Bradd
bookend, craft, crafts, owl, sewing, stitching,
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Stitch these brightly-coloured woodland delights for your bookshelf

What you need...
  • Fabric, Emmy Grace collection, Art Gallery Fabrics
  • Felt
  • Thread: sewing, embroidery
  • Buttons
  • Fibre filling
  • Sand
  • Sandwich bags, small
  1. 1 Download the templates, then cut the main body from printed cotton and a body segment from a contrasting design. Trim a beak from felt and stitch to the right side of the main body, as indicated.

    2 Sew the straight edges of the body segment to the straight edges of the main body, right sides together with a 5mm seam allowance. Turn right side out and use a blunt point to fully push out the beak.

    3 Flatten the cone so the segment sits centrally and fold over 5cm of the point. Sew running stitch along this fold line. Stuff the rest of the cone with fibre filling, adding a weighted plastic bag of sand to the centre of the filling.

    4 Gather the edge of the cone with running stitch and pull up to make the hole about 7cm across. Add more filling if necessary, before covering the hole with an oval of felt. Oversew in place.

    5 Make eyes from circles of felt topped with buttons, then sew either side of the beak. Create two small tassels from embroidery thread and stitch the ends under the fold at either side of the head, placing small buttons over the tips to cover the stitching.

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