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A little modern folk is just the ticket for the holiday season

What you need...
  • Card: purple; pink; red; white, smooth, textured
    Mountboard, white
    Glitter, silver
    Pearlescent ink, blue
    Pens: ProMarker, Burnt Sienna, Caramel, Shale
    Circle punch, 1.6cm
  1. Glittering Folk Greeting - 1 Print the main elements onto textured card and the reindeer parts onto smooth. Cut white card, 14.5cm square, and adhere snowflake squares down each side. Add mini jewels to the centre of each. Emboss white card with a star pattern and secure in the centre. Trim purple card, 10.5cm x 15.5cm, then cut out an 8.5cm circle, 2cm from the top.

    2 Colour the reindeer using brown shades. Cover the antlers in PVA glue and sprinkle with silver glitter. Cut out and secure behind the purple panel, then affix the purple on top of the white embossed card. Add the sentiment banner, mini snowflakes and folk motifs to finish.

  2. Among The Trees - 1 Copy the tree template onto red, pink and purple card. Cut out, then add strips of white mountboard behind each piece to strengthen. Secure the sentiment, 1.7cm strips of coloured card and larger folk circles to mountboard, 4.5cm x 13cm. Cut two pieces of white card, 2.5cm x 25cm. Mark every 2.5cm and fold to create a concertina effect.

    2 Trim two pieces of mountboard, 2.5cm x 12cm, then attach to the concertinaed paper: one at the back and one in the middle. Fix two trees to the back piece, a reindeer and tree to the middle and the sentiment panel at the front. The card should fold flat to fit in an envelope.

  3. Reindeer Decoration - 1 Glue the reindeer onto white mountboard, cut out using a scalpel and colour. Decorate the back of the mountboard and edges using the brown shades, then add random swirls of blue
    pearlescent ink to the antlers.

    2 Cut white card, 2cm x 6cm, then score and fold. Stick two folk pattern blankets to either side. Punch holes at the bottom and thread with coloured ribbon and jewels. Place on the reindeer's back.

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