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Patchwork a snug hot water bottle cover to keep you toasty

What you need...
  • Hot water bottle
    Fabric, Christmas print
    Felt, red
    Bias binding, red
    Wadding or interlining, medium
  1. Patchwork Cover - 1 Draw around a hot water bottle on paper, add a 1cm seam allowance and cut out. Create a second template for an envelope back. Draw around the first shape, separate the top and bottom, then add 12cm to the base of the top and the top of the bottom.

    2 Draw around the templates on wadding or interlining and cut out. Create a 12cm square to use as a patchwork template. Mark squares on patterned fabric in a diamond direction. Cut as many as you need, use the wadding shapes as a guide. Join the straight edges of each square together, two sections at a time.

    3 Once you have created the patchwork pieces, pin the wadding shapes to the back of each one. Trim any excess, then sew around the edges with a zigzag stitch. Machine sew a vertical line in the centre, then work outwards until each piece is quilted.

    4 Cut out the templates from felt, lay the patchwork pieces on top, then straight stitch around the edges to secure. Sew bias binding to the width of the top and bottom envelope pieces over the raw edge.

    5 Lay the front piece patchwork side up. Place the top envelope on it, then the bottom envelope on top of that, both patchwork sides down. Stitch around the hot water bottle shape to secure all of the layers, then turn out.

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