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Make felt decorations to hang from your tree this Christmas

What you need...
  • Felt, 3mm: yellow, green
  • Thread: red, silver
  • Sewing reel
  • Beads
  • Ricrac
  • Pompom
  • Needle, long
  1. Felt Tree - 1 Tie a loop into the top of red string, 30cm, and thread the other end with a long needle. Use a compass to draw and cut out five circles from green felt, decreasing each one as you go. Mark where the compass point was positioned using a pen.

    2 Make a star from yellow felt. Thread the needle through the top of the motif, followed by a bead, a red sequin and the smallest felt circle. Continue until the largest circle is on, then pop on a sequin and bead before adding a wooden reel. Sew through one hole on a button, then loop through the other before tying it off. Decorate the reel with patterned paper.

  2. Parcel Dec - Create five 4.5cm squares from red felt. Make a loop at the top of red string, 30cm. Thread a needle onto the other end. Sew on a green ribbon bow, followed by a felt square and small bead until all
    the shapes are attached. Add a button to the base and knot to secure. Tie a silver bow to the top of the parcel. Trim a small tag from green felt and stitch red thread around the edges, then sew over the
    ribbon to finish.

  3. Red Hat - This is made by stringing a pompom, red felt circles and beads together.

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