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Felt Eggs

Designer: Sophia Palmer
crafts, decorations, easter, eggs, felt, sewing, stitching,
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Make our simply stitched felt eggs this Easter - they're so cute!

What you need...
  • Felt, pastel colours
    Thread: embroidery, pastel colours; machine
  1. Use the templates to cut out the leaf shape in two different sizes. Draw around your templates onto felt. You’ll need 4-5 leaves for each egg.

  2. Get two leaves and put them right sides together, then use a simple running stitch on your machine to join one long side. Get your next leaf and sew it onto one long side of one of the joined leaves. Keep going round until you have an egg shape with all the seams on the outside.

  3. On the last join, leave a gap in the centre of the side. Use this gap to turn the whole felt egg the right way out. Get a loop of ribbon and tie a knot in one end. Thread this from the inside through the top, so the knot stops it from pulling through.

  4. Stuff the egg, then use ladder stitch to hand sew up the gap. Next, get your embroidery threads and have fun with some decorative stitches. Do crosses, simple running stitches, or just sew on pretty buttons.

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