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Embroider a cute hoop gift and card for a creative mum

What you need...
  • Fabric: pink, green, scraps
  • White card
  • Ribbon, assorted
  • Thread, black
  • Interfacing, iron-on fusible
  • Embroidery hoop, wooden
  • Quilting foot
  1. Storage Hoop - 1 Draw around the inside of an embroidery hoop onto iron-on interfacing. Cut 1cm around the outside of that line to create a larger circle. Iron onto the back of pink fabric, then cut out. Using the templates on our pattern pages, draw and cut each shape from interfacing.

    2 Iron shapes onto the back of fabric. Trim them carefully and put to one side. Using the base circle as a guide, cut a semi-circle from interfacing, adding a 4cm rectangle to the top edge. Trim and iron to the back of the green fabric. Roll hem the top to finish the pockets.

    3 Lay the shapes in place on the circle base, using the hoop and pockets as a frame. Iron the shapes to secure, then freehand machine embroider them into position. Add any details in the same way. Lay the pocket over the top and zig zag stitch along the bottom and sides.

    4 Straight stitch vertical lines to create custom-sized compartments. Press the piece, then insert it into the hoop. Pull the fabric tightly, then use the metal fixture to secure it. Once you are happy with the positioning, trim any excess threads, then add a piece of twine to the hoop for hanging.

  2. Crafty Mum Card - 1 To create a template, draw around a blank card onto interfacing. Cut out loosely, then iron onto pink fabric. Use pinking shears to trim inside the line so that it’s slightly smaller than the front of the card.

    2 Using the template, draw the scissors and buttons onto interfacing, then cut out and iron onto fabric. Trim the shapes and remove the backing paper. Arrange the shapes on the card, iron in place, then machine appliqué them.

    3 Stitch the sentiment in the same way, then put your machine foot back on, feeders up. Sew the piece to the front of the greeting, then stick card on the inside to hide the stitches and provide stability.

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