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Make Easter exciting in your home with this delightful bunting...

What you need...
  • Fabric, cotton, selection of colours and patterns
  • Card
  • Felt, coloured
  • Machine thread
  • Pompoms, white
  • Ricrac, blue
  • Bunting tape or bias binding
  1. Create a triangle template from card, 17.5cm at the widest point and 22cm in height. Work out the desired length of the bunting, then cut flags accordingly, remembering to trim two per pennant so you have one front and one back piece.

  2. Next, draw and cut a bunny silhouette from card, referring to our design for guidance. Use this to trim bunnies from different colours of felt, so you have one pair per flag, then pin them onto each of the front triangles. Use running stitch to secure the motifs, then handstitch or glue a pompom tail onto each.

  3. Sew the pairs of pennants together, with right sides facing and leaving the top, straight edge unstitched, then turn them out and use a smooth crochet hook or pencil to poke out the point.

  4. Press each pennant, then cut a length of bunting tape or bias binding, remembering to allow extra at each end for tying. Find the centre, then pin it to the flags, starting at this point and folding the tape in half over the tops, with the raw edges inside. Sew the folded tape all the way along keeping it as close to the open edge as possible, then press to finish.

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