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Cute Felt Easter Makes

Designer: Sophia Palmer
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Sew felt cosies and an egg hunt bag for a weekend of Easter delights

What you need...
  • Felt: blue, pink, yellow
    Pom poms, white
    Ribbon, white
    Embroidery thread
    Quilting foot
  1. Felt Bucket - 1 Create a rectangle from blue felt, 20cm x 35cm. Using the templates, cut a small rabbit from yellow felt. Appliqué to the centre of the felt, adding pink inside the ears and a hand sewn pom pom tail.

    2 Topstitch a 35cm length of ribbon to the rectangle at the top and bottom. Sew the short seams right sides together with a 1cm seam allowance. Cut a circle, 11cm in diameter from blue felt.

    3 Pin the circle around the base of the tube, inside out. Sew all around, with a 1cm seam allowance. Snip into the seam allowance to allow the circle to sit flat. Turn right sides out, fold the top edge over by 2cm, then topstitch all the way around.

    4 Cut a strip from blue felt for a handle, 6cm x 25cm. Fold the long edges in towards the middle so they overlap slightly in the centre, then topstitch in place. Topstitch the handle to either side of the bucket, repeat a few times to strengthen.

  2. Egg Cosy - 1 Cut two rounded rectangles, two ears and two centres from coloured felt. Free machine embroider the centres onto the ears, then put the feeders down on your machine.

    2 Place the ears on a larger felt piece, topstitch all the way around, then cut out. Fold the straight bottom edge of the cosy up by 1cm, then topstitch. Trace a bunny face onto white tissue paper, then free machine embroider it onto the front felt piece.

    3 Tear the tissue paper away. Sandwich the two sides of the cosy, right sides together. Place the ears inside, making sure the ends stick out slightly and the ear insides are facing the front of the cosy.

    4 Pin a loop of ribbon at the top in the centre. Sew from the bottom, all the way around to the other side. Turn out and hand sew a pom pom to the back for the bunny tail.

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