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What you need...
  • Basic soap pulp, 0.5kg, clear, white
  • Liquid pigment: red, yellow, green
  • Scented oil, rose
  • Moulds, cupcake, 6cm, silicon
  • Rose buds, dried
  • Saucepans, two
  • Mixing bowl
  1. Cut chunks of the transparent soap pulp and place in a bain marie to melt on a gentle heat. Cool and add a few drops of red pigment. Place a small square of foil onto a baking sheet and bend the edges over to create a trough. Carefully pour in the pulp and leave to cool. Cut the soap up into little squares and put to one side.

  2. Melt white soap pulp and add a few drops of red pigment to the mixture. Skim off any air bubbles that may appear with a spoon. Leave to cool a little before adding a few drops of essential oil. Pour the soap into the large silicone cupcake mould. As the mixture starts to set, place red chunks on top so that they sit in the liquid and don't sink to the bottom.

  3. Make up a little of the red transparent pulp and carefully top up the cake. Sprinkle with a few heart sequins and leave to cool completely before popping out of the mould. Make a variety of shapes in this way and decorate with cut-out motifs and sequins.

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