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Sew personalised felt decorations to make your Christmas tree really special!

What you need...
  • Coloured felt
  • Toy stuffing or wadding/fabric scraps
  • 3mm ribbon
  • Coloured embroidery threads
  • Size 5 embroidery needle
  • Coloured beads
  • Tailor's chalk
  • Computer and printer

  • All seam allowances 10mm unless stated otherwise.
  1. Felt Initial - 1 Print out your letters in your chosen font from your computer, making sure it’s bold and easy to cut out. Trace around your letters onto felt and cut out two per decoration.

    2 If your letter has a cutout, mark this on one of the felt pieces with tailor’s chalk and use a needle and thread to add beads to mark this decoratively. A simple running stitch is all you need. Add small stars with three strands of embroidery thread.

    3 Place the decorated letter, wrong sides together, on top of the plain letter. Use embroidery thread to start blanket stitching the letters together, add a loop of ribbon into the top and continue stitching through the ribbon to secure in place. Before sealing up the gap, fill with stuffing or scraps of wadding or fabrics.

  2. Felt Bauble - 1 Using the template provided on the pattern pages, trace around the leaf shape onto felt and cut out four per decoration. Use a small running stitch and one strand of thread to sew two pieces together only on one long edge, wrong sides together. Add the next piece again, only joining two sides again, then add the last piece but do not sew the last two edges closed.

    2 Use your needle and three strands of embroidery thread to add beads to the baubles with a simple running stitch. Add small stars or any other embroidery patterns of your choice.

    3 Once you’ve completed all the decoration, add a loop of ribbon into the top and use a few stitches to secure this in place. Use one strand of thread and a ladder stitch to start joining the last side. Fill with stuffing before sealing up the gap.

    Why not make Sophia's embroidered felt decorations as well, plus a patchwork tree skirt and star!

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