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Valentine’s Day Card Making Verses

Valentine’s Day

You are my sugar
You are my honey
I wouldn’t give you up
For all the world’s money

I’m sorry if I don’t say it
Quite much as I should
But I really do love you, sweetheart
More than I ever knew I could

Sometimes I think you’re amazing
Sometimes I think you’re a div
But I’m so glad you have stuck with me
Because without you I could not live

I love your smile, I love your hair
I love the knowledge you’ll always be there

I love your eyes, I love heart
I’ve loved you always, right from the start

Since we met I’ve been on cloud nine
I pinch myself that you are mine
I’ve never been so happy
You’re such a special chappy
And you really were quite a find!

When your blue eyes smile at me
And I hear you say my name
When I see you in the distance
I know I’ll never be the same

When I read your handwritten notes
And I see your shoes by the door
When you call me on the phone
I’m forever wanting more

When you hold my hand so tight
And guide me through the crowds
Whatever you do and whatever you say
My love for you abounds

I’ve been trying to think why I like you
Despite your looks, your physique and your hair
But I was happy to find, while you were on my mind
So many great reasons to care

The way that you laugh is outrageous
Your smile so tender and true
Your face tells a thousand stories
And lifts my spirits whenever I’m blue

When you walk in a room it lights up
With you there I could never feel down
And from the very first time that I met you
I knew I’d always want you around!

Happy Valentine’s Day

I may not have a boyfriend
I may not be in love
But I’m glad to have a friend like you
As if you’re sent from up above

We talk like we were sisters
About life and work and hair
And I know that if I need you
You’re the one who’ll always be there

Happy Valentines Day
to a special friend

I’m sorry when we argue
I don’t mean to fuss and fight
But I love it when we make up
When you hold me it’s alright

I know we’ve had our ups and downs
Our good times and our bad
But every time I look at you
I know you’re worth it and I’m glad

I’m glad that you’re still with me
And that you always will be
Because on Valentine’s Day I know
Without you, there’d be no me

I think you’re hot, I think you’re nice
Whatever it is they say these days
I think you’re cute, I think you’re lush
I think you’re great in so many ways

You’re the bees knees, you are the tops
When it comes to my heart, you are the boss!

Happy Valentine’s Day

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Your lips are sweet
And my love is true

Together forever
For now and always
My heart is all yours
This Valentine’s Day

Maybe I haven’t told you
How much I love you, lately
But every time I look at you
I feel my heart swell greatly

Maybe I haven’t told you
How much you brighten my days
But please know that I love you
Since we met until always

Happy Valentine’s Day

Lips so red
And eyes so blue
Hair so blonde
My beautiful you

Skin so pure
And smile so true
Heart of gold
My forever you

Happy Valentine’s Day

The smell of your skin is amazing
The touch of your skin so divine
Your laughter fills me with happiness
And I’m so very glad you are mine

I love you

To my husband on Valentine’s Day
I must take this chance to say
You made my life complete
When you whisked me off my feet
And I love you in every way

The little things you do make me grin
A smile, a hug or a wink
So this Valentines day
I’d just like to say
I love you so much more than you think