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Thanksgiving Card Making Verses


When I count my blessings
On Thanksgiving Day
I’m grateful to have met you
And to be able to say
What a fantastic friend
Though you’re far away
Always there for me
Come whatever may
So I send my love and thanks
On this Thanksgiving Day

For good friends
Old and new
For memories
Happy and blue
For family
Present and due
For the future
Me and you

For all things I’m thankful
On Thanksgiving Day

Today I’m taking time to offer
Thanks for many things:
Like happy days, and peaceful nights
The song the robin sings

A family that’s warm and strong
And friends so loyal and true
But most of all, my love, I’m giving
Thanks that I met you!

Happy Thanksgiving

For all the little things
And for every little way
You make my life so blessed
On this very special day

For all the little smiles
And for everything you do
On this Thanksgiving Day
I’m most thankful for you

For family and friends
For love that never ends
For a roof over our heads
For warm and snuggly beds

For school so we can learn
For a job so we can earn
For a life so blessed, I happily say
I’m thankful on Thanksgiving Day