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Watercolour a Beautiful Letter

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Who still writes and sends letters today? Hardly anyone, sadly… and yet it’s so nice to receive a letter from a loved one. There is so much more thought and effort in a letter than in an email or WhatsApp message. So if we’re not sending letters, let’s at least paint a few. In this project from Lettering With Love, the focus is on the illustration. The motif fits perfectly on A5 (5¾ x 8¼in)  watercolour paper. Use a fairly smooth paper though – cold-pressed is ideal – so your brush pen doesn’t suffer too much. All you need for the lettering is your favourite brush pen; for the illustration, we recommend a size 8 paint brush. As always, do the sketch using an HB pencil, a ruler and an eraser. You will also need a pot of water and a small pot or dish for mixing.

Extract taken from Lettering With Love by Sue Hiepler & Yasmin Reddig, £12.99,
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