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Start someone's holiday off in the right way with stitched travel accessories

What you need...
  • Fabric, Carnaby Street, Art Gallery Fabrics
    Interfacing, fusible
    Trigger clasp or split ring
  1. Passport Cover - 1 Cut interfacing, 13.5cm x 26cm, and fuse to the wrong side of printed fabric, 14.5cm x 29cm, to leave a 5mm border. Place the panel right sides together with plain cotton of the same size, then sew around the edges in line with the interfacing, leaving a 5cm gap on one short edge.

    2 Clip the corners and turn out. Press the fabric, folding in the raw edges of the gap. Topstitch the two short edges with a co-ordinating thread 3mm in from the seam, closing the gap. Fold the fabric in half and press. Open out, fold in the short edges by 3.5cm and pin. Topstitch the long edges, securing the side folds as you sew.

  2. Luggage Tag - 1 Cut two lots of interfacing, 7cm x 10cm. Trim a 1.5cm wide aperture from one piece. Fuse to the wrong side of printed fabric, 8cm x 11cm, to leave a 5mm border. Place the panel right sides together with plain cotton and stitch around the inside of the frame in line with the interfacing. Cut out the centre, leaving a 5mm seam allowance, and clip the corners.

    2 Turn the plain fabric through the centre. Press and topstitch 3mm in from the edge of the aperture. Fold the printed fabric over the edges of the interfacing and press. Turn in the raw edges of the plain and press. Pin the folded edges together and topstitch one short edge. Fuse the other bit of interfacing to fabric, 8cm x 11cm. Place right sides together with the plain and stitch around it, leaving a 4cm gap on one short edge.

    3 Clip, turn out and press, folding the raw edges of the gap in. Cut fabric, 4cm x 12cm, fold in half lengthways, press and open out. Fold the sides to the middle and refold in half. Topstitch the long side, 3mm in from the hemmed edges. Thread the strip through the base of a trigger clasp. Slip the ends into the gap of the rectangle and topstitch the short seam to enclose them.

    4 Pin the two rectangles together, patterned sides out. Topstitch around three sides through all layers, leaving the sewn short edge open. Cut card and acetate, 6cm x 9cm, and slip inside.

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