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What you need...
  • ScanNCut CM900 machine
    Card, various colours
    Washi tape
    Blank canvas
    Glass candle plate
  1. Getting Started - 1 Download our templates as either SVG files to work directly from your machine or as printable designs that can be scanned and manipulated manually. Remember to unify patterns such as the cheese plant leaves to ensure all parts enlarge and reduce together.

    2 To save time cutting, arrange designs in the four corners of the layout grid, according to the colour you need them. Once the spaces are filled, trim card to the necessary size, place on the cutting mat in the corresponding position, then cut all the pieces in one pass.

  2. Candle Centre - Create a decorative ring around a glass candle plate. Fill in the spaces between the leaves with small foliage and feathers. Layer flower designs together and position in a ring using foam pads.

  3. Tropical Canvas - To create unique wall art, layer pieces of the parrot design together using foam pads to add height. Highlight the features with a fine line black pen, then position the bird in the centre of a canvas. To finish, add a decorative border all around.

  4. Greeting Card - By gently curling the ends of several leaves in varying colours, you can create clusters to arrange on the front of a card. For a playful touch, add a few pale pink parrot feathers to lighten the display.

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