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Give your dad the best Father's Day with this set of travel-themed gifts

What you need...
  • Card: beige, red, cream; metallic, gold
  • Paper, Newsprint, Stampin’ Up!
  • Ribbon: black, beige
  • Album, Chippies
  • Cascade, Woodware
  • Wire
  • Scewer, wooden
  • Punch, hole: 2.5cm, 5cm
  • Adhesives
  • Computer and printer
  1. Sailboat Gift Box - 1 Use the ship template #1 to construct the front of the box and secure using PVA glue. Make a hole with a punch, 6cm from the right-hand side. Cut a wooden skewer so that it measures 24cm
    and put this through the small opening and fix to the inside using sticky tack.

    2 Make two pin holes either end of the top of the boat shape and thread a 48cm length of craft wire through the holes, securing both ends to the top of the mast by twisting. Lay the front face downwards and fill with sweets of your choice, then create the back of the box using the second template. Fix this into position, carefully sliding the edges inside the front part and glueing.

    3 Cut out two sail shapes and run a line of double-sided tape to the reverse of one of them, attach to the wire and stick the other shape to the reverse using PVA glue to sandwich the wire inside. Fold red card in half, then cut out a flag. Adhere this into position, securing the top of the sail as you do so. Decorate the remainder with little black flags.

    4 Print lettering onto cream card and, using the box as a guide, trim to fit and add a band of red card to the base. Draw around the anchor template onto gold card and cut out, before glueing into
    position. Decorate with a black bow to finish.

  2. Map Card - 1 Cover the front of a blank, 13.5cm x 20cm, with map printed paper. Round off two corners of beige card, 10cm x 12cm, and stick this into position on the left-hand side. Glue a 2cm band of red card across the front, slightly lower than the centre.

    2 Print off the text onto cream card. Trim to a 9cm square and round the corners off along the right side. Stick into position and decorate with pin holes as indicated. Use a 5cm hole punch to cut out
    a circle of black card, then make a smaller one into the edge with a stationery punch. Decorate with a heart, tie with a ribbon and attach using foam pads.

  3. Mini Book - 1 Cover each side of the pages in the album with various coloured and patterned papers, such as plain black and beige card combined with newsprint themed paper. Use a computer and printer
    to create text, trim into a strip and stick along the front of the first page. Add a length of red card, then decorate with pin holes.

    2 A circle of printed paper topped with a gold card disc made using hole punches will add interest. Cut out the letters from one of the patterned pages and glue into position. Assemble book pages
    with the acrylic ones and fix together with rings, before decorating with lengths of ribbon tied in knots.

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