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Sweet Easter Bunny Set

Designer: Cathie Shuttleworth
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This adorable paper and card set will have you simply hopping with joy this spring!

What you need...
  • Papers: decorative; plain
    Stamping inks, various colours
    Fine pens: black, white
    Ribbon and thread
    Self-adhesive gems
  1. Rabbit Greeting - 1 Copy the template from the pattern pages onto decorative paper. Cut out the two body pieces but discard the box element, then buff stamping ink around the outer edges. Attach a second ear behind the first.

    2 With a compass, draw a circle on green paper and cut out. Score across the circle and fold in half. Attach the two bunnies, facing each other, onto one half of the semi-circle. Draw details on the face and add circles of paper for the eyes, topping with gems. Tie thread around the neck, then secure with a bow.

    3 Cut two small paper tags, top with a heart and glue to the neck of the bunny. Fix a small pompom for a tail. Print out a sentiment, mount onto contrasting paper and attach to the card below the feet.

  2. Bunny Boxes - 1 Photocopy the template from the pattern pages directly onto plain or decorative paper. Score all the dotted lines with a straight edge and a pointed tool, then cut out along the solid lines and crease the pre-scored lines.

    2 While the box is flat, buff stamping inks around the edges and use fine coloured pens to draw toes, a mouth and a nose. Cut a second ear, and attach behind the first. Trim a small piece of contrasting paper and fix to the centre of the ear.

    3 Slot the tabs on the lid of the box together and join the two body pieces at the neck, then tie ribbon in a bow to secure. Trim a circle for the eye and attach to the face with glue, topping with a gem.

    4 Add extra details with a white pen. Print a message, cut out and mount onto contrasting paper. Attach with glue to the face of the box. Finish off with a small pompom tail, secured to the side of the box.

  3. Easy Bunting - Copy the rabbit template onto pastel papers, cut out and discard the box elements. Attach a second ear behind the first one, then fold the front over. Using a fine pen, draw on facial features, swirls and dots across the body. Attach a paper eye, then add an insert on the ear. Hang the bunnies by the ear over thread.

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