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Unleash your sugarcraft skills and let a cake be the mane attraction with Monty horse!

What you need...
  • Fondant: brown, beige, white, black, blue, red, green, grey, yellow
  • Ball pin tool
  • Scalpel
  • Craft gun, hair nozzle
  • Piping nozzle, no.2
  • Cutters: tear, small x 2; oval, small
  • Glue, food
  • Spaghetti stick, dry
  1. Roll two balls of brown fondant for the body and head, then make the larger ball into a bottom-heavy cone. Press the middle front with your thumb to form a tummy. Insert a spaghetti stick through the middle. Make a belly button using a pin tool. Roll the smaller ball into an egg shape and secure on top.

  2. Cut an oval shape from beige fondant to the same size as the face front, then glue and smooth. Make two indents for the nostrils using a ball tool, a mouth from a no.2 nozzle, eyes using a pin tool and grooves for the ears to sit in. Stick two fondant balls over the eye holes and add small black dots for pupils. Make two brown and two slightly smaller beige triangles for ears, then stick together and fix to the head.

  3. Glue a blue fondant strip over the seam around the nose, then another over the back of the head and secure. Fix small blue discs over both joins and mark with crosses. Create pointed cones of beige for the hair and glue between the ears. Make two brown cones for the legs, then glue beige circles onto the wide end of each.

  4. Trim two blue tear shapes using a cutter and snip out the middle with a smaller one to make four horseshoes, then trim the pointed ends. Stick the shoes to the beige circles and mark holes around them using a pin tool. Glue the legs to the body.

  5. Roll two balls of brown fondant into cones and bend each one into right angles for the front legs, then mount onto the body so they rest on the back legs. Insert a beige fondant roll into a craft gun with a hair nozzle attachment, then pump locks out to the desired length. Attach a few short strands to the head, then use the rest to make a tail. Fix to the back of the horse.

This recipe has been adapted from Pretty Witty Cakes by Suzi Witt (Quadrille, £20). Photography: Malou Burger.

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