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These delightful little strawberries are made from felt and decorated using simple stitches

What you need...
  • Felt: red, green
    Embroidery thread
    Fibre filling
    Sewing kit
  1. Download the pattern and cut a semi-circle of red felt with a radius of 8cm. Fold in half and press to form a crease. Sew a line of running stitch along the crease using three strands of cream embroidery thread.

  2. Fold the sides of the semi-circle to the middle on both sides and press. Stitch along these lines as before. Continue creasing and sewing to create a total of 16 lines of spoke stitches leading from the bottom centre of the shape.

  3. Fold the semi-circle in half, with right sides together, and backstitch along the straight side, 5mm in from the edge. Turn out and sew a line of running stitch along the top of the resulting cone. Stuff with fibre fill and gather up the running stitch to close the top.

  4. Cut a strawberry hull shape from green felt with eight petals, then pin to the top of the pincushion, covering the gathered area. Stitch the hull down around the petals with three strands of green embroidery thread.

  5. Sew a loop of gingham ribbon the centre of the hull. Shape three leaves from felt and create the veins with running stitch in contrasting thread. Sew the ends of the leaves over the base of the ribbon loop to cover it. Cut two white felt flower shapes and attach to the base of the ribbon loop with a few small yellow stitches.

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