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Sew a gorgeous floral table setting to see you through spring and summer using Tilda fabrics

What you need...
  • Fabric: Tilda, Lilac Surf Green, Laura Red; curtain interlining, cream
  • Thread: green, red
  • Card
  • Buttons, pink
  • Ribbon, pale blue
  1. Place mat - 1 Cut two rectangles, 24cm x 38cm, from green floral fabric and curtain interlining, then a 32cm x 46cm one from pink floral. From each corner of the pink floral, measure 7cm along the bottom and up the side and mark the points at which they meet. Join both of these points with a pencil to create a triangle and snip. Repeat on the three remaining corners.

    2 Fold and press 1cm along each side over. Match up two edges of the corners and stitch across this section with a 5mm seam allowance. Repeat this process on the three remaining corners, then turn these sections to the right-side and the mitred corners will have been formed. Press the 4cm borders that have been formed by stitching the mitres in place.

    3 Place the green floral rectangle on top of the curtain interlining and tuck under the borders. Pin in place, then machine edge around the folded edge of the border, attaching the green floral rectangle into the pink floral. Stitch the pink buttons just inside each corner and tie a length of pale blue ribbon around each button, to finish.

  2. Napkin ring - 1 Trim pink floral fabric to 5cm x 17cm and a 6cm x 16cm strip from green floral fabric. With the right-sides of the fabrics facing, centre the smaller strip on top and stitch along the lengths with a 5mm seam allowance.

    2 Turn it out and tease the corners, then thread card, 5cm x 16cm, inside. Turn the raw ends of fabric in against the card, then shape into a ring and lap the ends over one another, making the neatened end of the

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