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Turn your hand to jewellery making with our wintry, snowflake bracelets

What you need...
  • Beads: turquoise, 4mm x 2; AB crystals x 29; pearls, rice 5mm x 32-40; large x 1; potato, turquoise, 7mm x 23; crystals, blue x 40; shamballa x 2; seed beads x 2
  • Stamp, IndigoBlu, snowflake (SF1)
  • Head pins, 22
  • Jump rings: 6mm x 8; 10mm x 2; 5mm x 7
  • Clasp, caribiner, 9mm
  • Chain, 32cm
  • Elastic filament
  • PMC kit
  • Pliers, round-nosed
  • Punches, circle: small, med, large
  1. Stretch Bracelets - 1 Stamp one small and one large snowflake from PMC, then cut it out with round cutters and make a hole in each. Leave to dry overnight. Smooth any areas of uneven clay with needle files, then fire with a blow torch.

    2 Quench the charms in cold water. Use a wire brush and washing up liquid to bring out the silver, then burnish for a high shine. Add a 6mm jump ring to each charm.

    3 Cut a length of elastic filament and thread on two turquoise AB beads. Add a turquoise pearl to every fourth until it's the desired length. Tie several tight knots in the end and add the large snowflake.

    4 Thread blue crystals and pearls onto a length of elastic filament, ensuring a mix of size, colours and textures. Tie several tight knots in the elastic. Thread a big pearl onto a head pin, and hang from the bracelet via a 5mm jump ring.

    5 Thread small cream rice pearls onto the elastic filament and tie the ends with several knots. Thread a turquoise shamballa bead onto a head pin. Make a neat loop with pliers and attach to the bracelet via a 5mm jump ring. Add the smaller snowflake charm to the pearl bracelet.

  2. Pretty Pendant - 1 Roll PMC thinly and stamp with five snowflakes, two medium and three small. Cut out, then make a hole in each. Leave the clay to dry and file any rough areas with a needle file. Fire the charms on a soldering block with a hand-held blow torch, then quench in cold water. Brush with a wire brush and washing up liquid and polish with a metal burnisher.

    2 Link the charms together via 6mm jump rings. Thread two turquoise pearls onto head pins. Snip the base from the head pins and make a neat loop in either end with pliers. Attach pearls to each end of the row of snowflakes and close the loops. Thread two 16cm lengths of trace chain onto each of the turquoise pearls.

    3 Add 5mm jump rings to each end and a caribiner clasp to one of the ends. Thread an assortment of crystal beads onto head pins, make a loop with pliers and attach to the necklace to complete the look.

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