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What you need...
  • Card: white, blue, green; thick

  • Patterned papers
  • Coloured pencils
  • Mini alphabet stamps
  • Marker pens
  • In-pads: Versacolour 1”, Baby Blue, Sky Blue, Sage, Heliotrope
  • Embellishments
  • Adhesives
  1. Time To Fly Travel Planner - 1 Cut thick card, 10.5cm x 29cm and cover in blue. Blend the edges with sky blue ink on a sponge blending tool. Use the template to make a box section from green card. Add shade and spots with green pencil. Cut tree tops from green card and shade with pencils, then snip the trunks from brown card. Glue the box to the background, then add the trees.

    2 Print the bunnies onto thin card, then colour with pale grey marker and add shadows with grey pencil. Fix random flowers along the bottom and stick gems to the
    centre of each flower head. Use 3-D foam pads to stick the bunnies to the hill, and the hill to the box.

    3 Print the balloon image onto thin card and colour the top flag and basket. Snip out and stick to the blue background. Print and cut the smaller half balloon template.
    Fold pieces of patterned card or paper in half and lay the balloon template along the fold on the reverse. Draw around it and cut out the balloon shape. Repeat five times on different papers. Stick together to make a whole balloon, but leave the first and last section free – these need to be glued to the blue background.

    4 Cut pieces of card, 9cm x 14cm. Add lines and stick a bunny at the top. Edge in coloured ink and stamp a couple of stars at the top. Place in the planner box. Print the clouds and edge in baby blue. Layer with 3-D pads and stick to the background. Stamp your sentiments and add. Punch a hole in the right cloud and thread with two tags stamped with ‘travel planner’.

  2. Bunny Note Clips - Print and colour the bunnies holding the rectangles. Edge in blue and stamp messages such as like ‘notes’ or ‘tickets’ on them. Stick pegs on the reverse.

  3. Balloon and Basket Gift Box - 1 Use the template to make the basket/box and cover in panels of patterned paper. Add 5mm strips of brown down each edge Punch three holes on each side and one in the
    base of the box.

    2 Make a large 3-D balloon from six pieces of patterned paper. Place a length of pink waxed cord in the middle, then glue all six segments together to create a ball. Cut more cord and position a length down each balloon section.

    3 Add a large bead and knot underneath. Take the thread into the holes in the basket and knot. Stick a bunny on the front, stamp a 'have fun' sentiment, then add a large bead and knot at the top.

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