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Achieve print perfection with these inspirational designs by Tracey Daykin-Jones

What you need...
  • LMC kit... + inkpads, chalk, glitter card, shrink plastic, embossing equipment
  1. Shrink Plastic - 1 Trim lilac paper to fit the centre of a yellow blank, round the corners and stick in position. Stamp the large flower motif onto various patterned papers in black ink then cut out. Print the design again onto white shrink plastic, trim and heat according to the manufacturer's instructions. Apply glue to the flower centres and sprinkle with fine glitter. Put all these elements to one side.

    2 Snip a circle from white card, stamp ‘Best Wishes’ in the centre with purple ink then clear emboss. Cut away a small section from the bottom to create a straight edge then stick to the blank. Add the flowers using double-sided tape and foam pads. Embellish with a fabric flower, yellow bow and two heart gems to finish.

  2. Coloured Chalk Backgrounds - 1 Trim a pink blank to 10cm square and snip a further, slightly smaller shape from white card. Stamp a large flower image onto the white panel using clear, slow drying pigment ink and brush with coloured chalks.

    2 Cut a circle from lilac paper, large enough to accommodate the pram die-cut and put to one side. Create a bigger disc from blue paper with a scalloped edge and mount the two elements together. To complete, stick this piece to the centre of the card.

  3. Heat Embossing - 1 Take a green blank and stick the base square of a decoupage image to the top using double-sided tape. Add the remaining layers with foam pads. Stamp a ‘Best Wishes’ sentiment onto green paper using black ink and clear emboss.

    2 Trim to a rectangle and punch a small hole either side. Pass yellow ribbon through both then attach to the card using foam pads. Secure the ribbon ends on the inside and back of the card with doublesided tape. To finish, glue pink hearts to the centres of three fabric flowers and stick to the card using foam pads.

  4. Decoupaged Imagery - 1 Cut a yellow blank to 8cm x 14.5cm. Add dot patterned paper down the left edge and round the right corners using a punch. Trim three circles from different coloured papers and stamp flowers in the centre of each using black ink.

    2 Print three more blooms onto white paper and trim out. Punch three circles from yellow glitter card and adhere in the centre of each flower before layering onto the original stamped blooms, using foam pads between each layer. To finish, glue a small yellow bow above each circle.

  5. Inchie Mosaic - 1 Stamp a large flower design repeatedly onto an 8cm square of white card using black ink before colouring with pencils. Trim into nine individual squares and stick to the top of an orange blank leaving a small space between each panel.

    2 Stamp ‘Best Wishes’ onto white card using black ink and colour with dark pink pencil. Stick to the blank then embellish the inchies using fine glitter.

  6. Clear Embossed Backgrounds - 1 Trim a pink blank to 10cm square, and an 8.5cm panel from blue card. Stamp a large flower design repeatedly on the blue section then clear emboss. Mount this to white card then stick in the centre of the blank.

    2 Add a 'Happy Birthday' die-cut towards the bottom. Affix one present motif to the top left using glue and another, angled towards the right, with a double thickness of foam pads. Decorate using blue heart gems to finish.

  7. Decorative Borders - 1 Take a green blank, score and fold a horizontal line across the centre of the front panel. Trim a 3cm strip from the bottom of the back panel, stamp a flower design repeatedly across and emboss with silver powder.

    2 Stick a narrow piece of lilac paper behind the printed strip and put to one side. Trim out decoupage elements and make up the design using foam pads. Cut down the blank so that it is the same width as the base of the decoupage. Stick to the lower section of the front to create an easel card.

    3 Add the stamped strip to the outer edge of the back then secure a length of lilac ribbon over the matching paper, securing the ends on the back of the card with double-sided tape. To finish, glue pink hearts to the stamped image.

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