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Create a beach-themed jewellery set

What you need...
  • Beads: seed, aqua; aventurine, green, chips; rectangles; cylinders
  • Driftwood, small x 3
  • Stones, central hole: small x 1; medium x 3
  • Wire, silver
  • Thread, embroidery, DMC, cotton: Perle variations (4065); satin (S504)
  • Eyepins
  • Head pins
  • Clasps, toggle
  • Chain: 2mm link; 5mm link
  • Jump rings: 4mm;
  • 10mm
  • Bead reamer
  • Pliers, round-nosed
  • Cutters, wire
  1. Driftwood Necklace - 1 Take three pieces of driftwood and make sure there are no rough sections, sanding them if necessary. Wrap thin silver wire around one end of a piece until it's secure.

    2 Next, thread seed beads onto the wire and continue to wind it around the wood. At the other end, finish with plain silver wire as for the beginning. On another piece of driftwood, wrap variations of embroidery thread around it, securing with a knot. Repeat on a third piece of wood with satin thread. Use a bead reamer to make two holes at the ends of each piece of driftwood. Thread an eye pin through each hole and create a wrapped loop at the bottom.

    3 Thread two rectangle aventurine beads onto an eye pin. Attach to the bottom two loops of the satin thread wrapped driftwood, so it is horizontal. Make up four head pins with a mixture of seed beads, chips and rectangle beads. Form a loop at the top of each one and attach them to the horizontal head pin. Cut two 4cm lengths of fine silver chain. Connect an aventurine bead of your choice to a head pin, create a loop and fix to the bottom of the chain. Repeat for the other length of chain.

    4 Using 4mm jump rings, attach to the horizontal bar, between the beaded head pins. Repeat with a 5cm length of chain but also add a small stone to the bottom with a 10mm jump ring. Use seed beads and aventurine shapes of
    your choice to make two matching eye pins, 1.5cm. Form a loop at the ends. Attach them to the loops on the variation wrapped piece of driftwood, connecting the two sticks. Repeat to make two slightly shorter eye pins with loops and use them to link the variation wrapped piece of driftwood and the bead stick.

    5 Cut a length of wire and wrap it around one side of a medium-sized stone with a hole in it. Wind it several times and create a loop by wrapping the wire around round-nosed pliers three times, then around the base of the loop. Do the same on the other side of the stone. Repeat on another similar sized stone.

    6 Make two matching eye pins, 4cm, with a mix of seed and aventurine beads. Use 4mm jump rings to connect the two wired stones to the top loops of the driftwood, then connect the two eye pins you have just made on the other side. Cut two 10cm lengths of 5mm chain and attach them to the beaded eye pins with 10mm jump rings. Complete with a toggle clasp.

  2. Chain Bracelet - 1 Wrap a stone with silver wire and form a loop at the top, as for the necklace. Make up a head pin with an aventurine cylinder and seed beads either side. Do the same with an aventurine rectangle and a chip. Make loops at the top of each and connect them to a 10mm jump ring. Wrap a length of wire once around the bottom of the stone then create a loop. Attach the jump ring to the loop.

    2 Create three beaded head pins in the same way and attach each one to the ends of three different lengths of 2mm chain. Attach to a 4mm jump ring. Create three more head pins and attach to a 10mm jump ring. Cut a length of 5mm silver chain to the correct length for your wrist. Find the middle and connect the jump rings with beads on. Complete with a toggle clasp.

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