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Sew a Christmas Angel

Designer: Amanda Walker
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Use sequins and netting to make Amanda Walker's ethereal stitchy sprite

What you need...
  • Cotton fabric: cream jersey, turquoise lining
    Veiling net, ivory
    Matching thread
    Felting yarn, pink
    Ribbon: sequin wired, green organza
    Embellishments, sequined butterfly
    Embroidery floss: pink, blue
    Toy stuffing
  1. Fairy Decoration - 1 Using the templates, cut two body pieces and one pair of legs from cotton jersey, plus one bodice from turquoise lining. For the skirt cut a rectangle, 16cm x 100cm, from lining, plus two from veiling net. Staystitch the base of both body pieces and the tops of the legs.

    2 Sew the legs, using a 3mm seam allowance and leaving a gap. Clip the curved allowance, turn out and stuff each leg. Stitch the body pieces, leaving the base open. Clip the curved allowance, turn out and stuff. Sew the body and legs together, turning in the raw edges and using slip stitch.

    3 Lay a hank of pink felting yarn across the head, winding a pony tail on one side, then secure with small stitches. Wrap green organza ribbon around another chunk of yarn and place around the head, tying the two ends of ribbon to secure.

    4 Follow the template to make the folds in the dress bodice piece in order (A, B and C), so the two C folds become the sleeves. Stitch across the base of each sleeve, using a 3mm seam allowance, then place the bodice onto the doll.

    5 Position the two net layers on top of the turquoise lining. Stitch two rows of gathering stitches across one long edge, 1.5cm in. Pull the threads until the fabric fits around the waist. Wrap the skirt around the doll, overlapping at the back. Sew in place, stitching through the body to the front of the doll.

    6 Make a bow in a length of sequined ribbon and tie two lengths of green organza around the knot, then sew to the centre front of the waist. Using blue embroidery thread, make two tiny stitches on the face for eyes, then swap to pink to make a tiny stitch for a mouth.

    7 Fold two butterflies in half, wrong sides together, then sew to the back of the bodice and into the back of the doll, making sure the middles of the wings are stitched closely together. Loop green ribbons around the neck and ankles and fasten with bows to finish.

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