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Santa’s Little Helpers

Designer: Cathie Shuttleworth
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Create your own herd of colourful reindeer with Cathie Shuttleworth’s decorative designs

What you need...
  • Paper: pink, green, white, orange; decorative
  • Punch, circle
  • Paint, 3-D, white
  • Pen, fine: red, black, white
  • Thread, red
  • Self-adhesive gems: silver, red
  • Adhesives
  1. 3-D Reindeer - 1 Photocopy the template onto coloured papers, cut out along the solid line and score the dotted lines. Cut a slit at the top of the head. Choose contrasting colours for the antlers, nose and tail. Fold the scored lines on the neck into the body, creating a gusset. Glue the antlers to the ears and insert into the slit on the head. Punch or cut two circles for the nose. Glue both circles and sandwich the head between them.

    2 Insert the tail at the back of the body and secure with glue. Attach the bottom of the legs and add coloured paper for hoofs. Trim off any excess paper. Fold contrasting paper and shape to fit over the back of the body.

    3 Decorate with stripes and circles. Add dots of white 3-D paint and attach to the reindeer’s back. Add white circles for eyes and, with a black pen, draw on pupils and a mouth. Attach the eyes to the either side of the head with glue. Add a tag if required, and apply self-adhesive gems.

  2. Reindeer Card - 1 Make a tall side-opening card. Photocopy the reindeer head onto coloured paper. Score along the dotted line and fold the head over. Decorate behind the head with strips of paper and add a sentiment. Attach the head to the front of the card.

    2 With a circle punch, cut out eyes, a nose and bauble decorations. Fix the facial features to the head and draw a mouth and detail on the ears. Draw ornate antlers with a black pen on the card. Decorate with circles and white 3-D paint.

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