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Simple yet striking, this trio of makes is sure to be the crowning glory of your crafting this year!

What you need...
  • Polystyrene ball, 3cm
  • Paper: patterned, plain
  • Thread
  • Self-adhesive gems
  • Decorative chalk, pink
  • Embellishments: buttons, beads
  • Adhesives
  1. Rocker Greeting - 1 Copy the bird body and wing template onto contrasting papers. Fold the wing tab and secure to the body. Make a paper crown and attach to the bird’s head, then add a button eye.

    2 To create the rocker card, use a compass to draw a circle, cut out and fold in half. Repeat and reduce the circle by 1cm, trim a semi-circle and layer on top of the base card. Attach the bird with foam pads.

  2. Christmas Angel - 1 Cut two body pieces from paper,14cm x 20cm. Score lines 1cm apart across the longest edge and concertina fold. To make the dress, glue 14cm of the outside longest edge and join the two
    pieces together, leaving one third unglued. Fold the arms over and secure the underside to the outside edge of the dress.

    2 Cut a pair of wings and attach behind the body. Trim two shoes and secure behind the dress. Snip a shape for the bodice and fix to the body. Wrap decorative thread around a polystyrene ball, then add gems for eyes, a paper mouth and buff pink chalk for the cheeks.

    3 Thread a needle and feed through a small bead, then the polystyrene ball. Repeat the process in reverse, leaving a loop at the top. Tie a knot at the neck and push the ends through the back of the dress. Decorate with paper flowers and gems to finish.

  3. Hanging Bird - 1 Copy the bird body and tail template onto decorative paper and cut out. Using a craft knife, snip a central slit in the body. Trim patterned paper, 8cm x 17cm, score lines 1cm apart widthways and concertina fold to make the wings. Feed the folded wings through the slit.

    2 Draw the two top edges together and glue closed, encasing a loop of thread for hanging. Secure the bottom edges together. Cut a slit in the tail and body, then join together. Make a paper crown from co-ordinating paper and attach to the head of the bird, then add a button eye.

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