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Print our whimsical motifs onto shrink plastic to create a young and fun jewellery set

What you need...
  • Beads: round, glass, crackle, 10mm, pink x 3; purple x 1; teardrop, glass, 12mm x 8mm, blue x 4; star, plastic, glittery, 14 x 13mm, purple x 2; pink x 2
  • Chain, coloured: small link x 45cm; large link (to fit); extension
  • Shrink plastic, inkjet, white, US letter size
  • Heat gun
  • Hole punch
  • Acrylic spray
  • Jump rings: 6mm x 21, 8mm x 2
  • Head pins x 12
  • Clasps: toggle; lobster
  • Brooch finding
  • Cutters, wire
  • Pliers: round-nosed; flat-nosed
  • Craft knife
  • Cutting mat
  • Adhesive, epoxy resin
  1. Rainbow Necklace - 1 Using a craft knife, cut a cloud motif from the shrink plastic. Whilst cutting, avoid touching the motif to prevent any smudging of the ink. Punch a hole at each end of the top and bottom of the image, plus another at the centre of the bottom.

    2 Place the printed shrink plastic motif into an oven, or use a heat gun to shrink according to the manufacturer's instructions. Leave to cool, then, if necessary, gently rub down any rough edges using very fine sandpaper or nail file. To seal the charm, apply three coats of acrylic spray, allowing drying time between each.

    3 Thread a blue glass teardrop bead onto a head pin, then form a wrapped loop. Create two further beaded head pins with glittery pink and purple plastic star beads. Using 6mm jump rings, secure one of the bead drops to each of the holes at the bottom of the shrink plastic charm.

    4 Cut one 23cm and one 22cm length of small link, coloured chain. Using 8mm jump rings, attach the longer length to the right, and the shorter to the left of the charm. To finish, secure a lobster clasp, jump ring and extension chain to the ends of the chain.

  2. Charm Bracelet - 1 From the printed shrink plastic sheet, cut strawberry, toadstool, diamond and rabbit motifs using a craft knife. Use a punch to make a hole at the top of the strawberry, toadstool and diamond images, and two holes at the top of the rabbit. Shrink, one at a time, using an oven or heat gun, then flatten and coat with three layers of acrylic spray, as for the necklace.

    2 Cut a length of a large link, coloured chain to the desired size. Thread a pink glass crackle bead onto a head pin and form a wrapped loop. Repeat the process three more times using a selection of pink and purple glass crackle beads. Also create two beaded head pins using glittery pink and purple plastic star beads, and three with blue glass teardrop beads.

    3 Using 6mm jump rings, attach the shrink plastic charms and bead drops along the length of the bracelet chain. To finish, secure one part of a toggle clasp to each end.

  3. Unicorn Brooch - 1 Cut out the unicorn motif, then shrink, flatten and smooth any rough edges, as for the necklace. Apply three coats of acrylic spray to seal it.

    2 Prepare a small amount of epoxy resin glue according to the manufacturer’s instructions and use to attach a brooch back to the reverse.

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