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Puppy Love

Designer: Cathie Shuttleworth
cardmaking, crafts, dog, paper,
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Create some perfect pooch cards for a loved one

What you need...
  • Paper: plain, patterend, assorted colours
  • Card: plain, various colours
  • Foiled paper
  • Gems
  • Fine black pen
  • Stamping inks, assorted colours
  • White relief paint
  • Adhesives
  1. Kennel Club - 1 Print the different dog templates from the pattern pages, copy the shapes onto card, then cut them out. Draw around each shape onto plain or patterned paper of your choice. Cut them out with scissors or a sharp craft knife.

    2 Buff the edges with stamping inks. Using the pictures as a guide, layer up the head pieces with glue or foam pads. Draw in facial details.

    3 Make a tapering, side opening card in colours to match each dog. On the top upper-third of the card, shape the sides with scissors to form a neck. Use foam pads to attach the head to the body. Cut shapes from paper scraps to make collars, neckerchiefs, and tags. Attach to the card with glue.

    4 Cut shapes from silver foiled paper to create metallic effect tags and collar studs. Dot noses with a white acrylic pen for a highlight. Add teeth and a tongue if required. Print out greetings onto cream paper, cut out and attach to the face of each card.

  2. Purple Woof - 1 Make a side opening card. With a pencil, draw the shape of a dogs snout, then cut away the shape below the nose. Buff white stamping ink around the edges for highlights.

    2 Cut a diamond shape from lime paper, fold in half and sculpt the edges with scissors to form an ear. Attach to the top left hand corner of the card. Add two paper circles for eyes, a green nose and a strip from contrasting paper for a collar.

    3 Make a tag from two circles, one from foil, layered together. Use a blunt point to write ‘Woof’ into the foil. Attach to the card with foam pads. Cut a bone and two paws and adhere to the bottom of the card. Add facial features to the card.

  3. Sausage Dog - 1 Copy the shapes from the pattern pages onto coloured paper. Cut a rectangle in a contrasting colour, 5.5cm x 10.5cm. Make a tab 1cm deep along the top and attach it to the back of the dog to make a free standing card.

    2 Add an ear making sure that when the card is closed, it is level with the feet of the dog. Cut a cream circle with a punch and attach for an eye, plus an offcut of paper for the nose. Draw on facial details.

    3 Apply a dot of 3-D relief paint for a highlight on the nose. Type or write a message onto cream paper, cut out, and attach to the body of the card to finish.

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