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Learn how to use polymer clay to craft intricate designs with our Fimo tutorial

What you need...
  • Clay: Polymer; liquid, translucent
  • Tile
  • Blade
  • Rolling pin
  • Baking tray
  1. Start by choosing a colour theme, then work up a sketch of initial ideas to help calculate how much clay will be required. Take into consideration the number of ties, shape, general size and decorations.

  2. Begin conditioning the selected clay by rolling, squeezing and stretching it until softened – more experienced crafters will notice the change in texture. Be sure not to microwave it as this causes it to cure and will make it unworkable.

  3. Once the clay has been worked, layer it to a desired thickness and begin trimming shapes with selected cutters or work freehand using a scalpel. Bake the clay for ten minutes, according to the manufacturer’s instructions, to enable the pieces to be handled without the shape becoming distorted.

  4. Once baked,assemble the elements using translucent liquid clay as an adhesive. Make little swirls by rolling up thin clay sausages, then roll tiny dots between your fingers and experiment with techniques to create fruit canes or tiny roses. Add each embellishment decoratively to the design. Once finished, check composition from a distance, then make any tweaks before baking again to harden.

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