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What you need...
  • Patterned papers, double-sided
  • Chalks or ink-pads
  • Fine black pen
  • Embellishments
  • Adhesives
  1. Tiny Trug - 1 Copy the template and trim around the outside edge, then cut into the slits and score the dotted lines with a straight edge and a pointed tool. Using paper as a mask,
    buff darker chalk or stamping ink along the outside edge of each slit to suggest boards of wood.

    2 On the trug, glue the tips of the outer tabs only, and attach to the outside of the larger middle tab, so the edges are at right angles; the tips should be touching. Adhere the tips of the remaining tabs to the middle, over the top of the first tab. Glue the tabs on the base piece and fix to the bottom of the trug. Trim to shorten, if required.

    3 Prepare a narrow, long strip of paper and stick around the outside rim – join two pieces together if the paper is too short. Make another strip for the handle and glue the ends, tucking them on the inside of the rim.

    4 Cut another long strip and fix to the inside of the trug, disguising the ends of the handle in between. Using the tags from the decorative papers, mount onto a darker background and cut around. Make a hole in the top and add ribbon. Secure to the trug. Using a flower punch, cut out different sized flowers, layer to the side and top with gems

  2. Trowel Tag - Copy the template from the pattern page and cut from decorative papers. Cover the handle with contrasting papers and punch a circle in the top. Add a ribbon to finish.

  3. Glorious Garden - 1 Make a white card blank, 12.5cm x 21cm. Cut the band stand, butterflies and balustrade from decorative paper, then buff a darker colour along the bottom of the bandstand to suggest shade.

    2 Cut decorative paper, 11cm x 18.5cm, and mount onto the white. Layer up borders, frames, bandstand and balustrade, disguising the ends as you go. Top with the hand-cut butterflies.

  4. In Bloom - 1 Make a white card blank, 10cm x 18cm, then add a border along the bottom using patterned paper. Cut a pot shape from decorative papers and glue to the face of the card.

    2 Prepare an assortment of flowers and butterflies from the decorative papers. Layer them up over the pot, using foam pads to achieve differing heights.

    3 Add gems to the centre of the flowers and use a fine black pen to draw swirls to the white. Attach a sentiment to the top, and finish with a butterfly.

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