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Practise your paper weaving skills to create Niki Rowland's pretty gift pouch

What you need...
  • Patterned papers: green, lilac
    Pink card
    Decorative scissors
    Martha Stewart punches: Large Chrysanthemum, 3-in-1 Classic Butterfly
    Pink ribbon
    Pink baker's twine
    Prima Essentials green paper flowers
    Decorative brads
    Sticky gems
    Sentiment stamp
    White card
  1. Cut one piece of each patterned paper to 15cm x 30cm. Fold each of them in half so the pattern faces the inside. There should now be two 15cm squares. Mark and cut the folded squares as per the top template provided on page 51 of issue 59. Once snipped, turn the squares the other way so that the pattern shows on the outside. Lay one on top of the other.

  2. Weave the cut strips together. Start from the top and work out. Instead of simply weaving them over and under, weave them in and out so the first lilac strip will start by being woven through the first green strip, then it will go over the green strip, then be woven through it again. Repeat this until all the strips are woven together. It should now be possible to open the pouch at the top.

  3. Following the second template on page 51, cut off the excess points at the top of the pouch. Use decorative scissors to do this in order to achieve a pretty finish. Fold up the point at the bottom and secure in place with a pink punched chrysanthemum flower and a decorative brad (make sure you only go through one layer of the pouch, not both).

  4. Join the sides of the pouch together by overlapping them slightly and securing them using tape or staples. Cover the joins with green paper flowers and decorative brads. Cut a piece of pink card to 2.5cm x 21cm and create scalloped edges using decorative scissors. Add the handle to the pouch, securing in place with pretty brads. Tie a pink bow around the front.

  5. Stamp the 'A little something for you' sentiment onto white card and cut out, then tie around the handle using pink baker’s twine. To finish, punch out butterfly shapes and add these to the card along with some gems.

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